TESCO Petrol Stations
With Super Unleaded 99 Octane Petrol

Super Unleaded Petrol

My car needs a minimum of 98 octane to drink. That means a choice of only two: Shell V-Power or Tesco Momentum 99. Other suppliers’ Super-Unleaded is 97 octane which means my car trains to a different ignition point and power is lowered. ;-(

Shell is good, Tesco is part biofuel and cheaper. I use both. I also use a Tom Tom Sat-Nav (the original one – it still works!). I had a file I found on the Internet which listed Tesco fuel stations. That seemed fine until I used it. Problem one was that not all Tesco fuel stations carry 99 octane petrol. Problem two, which was much more annoying, was that the file appeared to have used postcodes to give the location of the fuel stations. That gets you to the approximate area but, unless you are familiar with the area (in which case you don’t need the Sat-Nav) you can spend a fair amount of time finding the exact location.

I like exact. So I created a Tom Tom file which will put you exactly at all the Tesco fuel stations selling 99 octane petrol. I used satellite photos and Google Streetview to confirm locations. In a very small number of cases (where Tesco had built the station after the images had been taken) I have had to work on the basis of probable location. Those cases have a X character within the name of the station.

I’ve done my best to make this the most accurate Tom Tom file I’ve ever used. If you use it and find any errors then please let me know the details and I’ll correct the file.